A pioneer in conscious hip hop in the UK, People’s Army co-founder Logic has become one of the UK scenes most revered social commentators and activists.  With a career spanning over a decade, his main aim is to promote a positive message through his music, promoting equality and highlighting social issues.

Born and raised in Brixton, South London, Logic became of age in a poverty driven environment and it is this theme which becomes the basis for the powerful imagery evoked in much of his music.  Notable musical works include the mixtapes and videos with the People’s Army, his work with Lowkey under their NWO alias, and more recently the collaborative efforts with Last Resort on both True Talk and More True Talk.  An avid supporter of the Free Palestine movement, he also is well known for speaking and performing at peaceful demonstrations, and was also invited onto BBC3’s Free Speech live discussion show.

Look out for the forthcoming Spectator album, as well as many more collaborations with many other like-minded artists and musicians.