RU1 FAM is a UK based Hip Hop collective, No Name, MCM, DanJahDan, Hunta PRO, Majical, Mercury, Watusi 87 and more.

Since the coming together of the ONE’S, the main focus of the movement has been to CONECT THE DOTS, and the vibration has been pushing them towards conveying the message LIVE and direct to the PEOPLE. This being the case the lyrical members of the FAM have continuously worked to develop there Performance and Hosting abilities and have also worked with some exceptional instrumentalists to create a STRONG live sound.
Subsequently, they have fulfilled their aspirations, and have been delivering soul-stirring performances at various venues in and around London.  Together as ONE, the RU1 FAM strive to promote positivity and have developed into a movement spreading a one love and unity to the people through the use of music. “RU1 FAM’s in-depth perceptions of reality create a thought provoking; heart felt expression of WORD, SOUND and POWER”.